I Joycut al South by Southwest Festival 04


Grazie anche al sostegno economico del Comune di Bologna, dall’11 al 14 marzo i JoyCut si esibiranno al South by Southwest Festival di Austin (SXSW), uno dei festival più importanti dell’agenda americana. E’ solo una, ma indubbiamente la più importante delle trenta tappe disseminate fra la West e la East Coast che compongono il loro tour “PiecesOfUs”, dal 24 febbraio al 6 aprile negli Stati Uniti e in Canada. Il sostegno di Bologna Città della musica Unesco per gli artisti bolognesi all’estero continua…

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Jimi Hendrix Biopic “All Is By My Side” Premieres At SXSW

Majic 102.1


Fresh off an Oscar win for “12 Year’s A Slave”, John Ridley is set to premiere his next film at this year’s SXSW Music and Film Festival in Austin, Texas. The film, stars Andre Benjamin aka Andre 3000 (Outkast) as the legendary, left-handed guitar guru, Jimi Hendrix. It follows Jimi’s life from his early years to his iconic breakout performance at the Monterrey Pop Festival where he famously lit his guitar on fire.  To prepare for the role, Andre 3000 took grueling 6 hour guitar lessons for weeks, however, teaching Andre to play to convincingly play guitar well enough to pull off the performance was not the hardest obstacle producers of the film faced. The estate of Jimi Hendrix has denied rights to use any of Jimi’s original music for the film, so you will not hear classics like Purple Haze, Hey Joe or Foxy Lady. Musical features will, however…

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People want to PICK what they like, not be TOLD what to like.


Grumpy cat at SXSW

We’ve been told by large media producers for most of our lives what entertainment is and what we’ll be able watch. But with the advent of the Internet, and sites like YouTube, we’re now making the content and ‘voting’ with our clicks. And cats are, well, huge.

This was the theory put forward – that people want to pick what they like – for why Grumpy Cat is a phenomenon (her book has been on the NY Times bestseller list for 10 weeks now), why a Cat Internet Video Festival has a large enough following to tour fifty countries with tens of thousands of people in attendance and why keyboard cat needs a ‘manager’ for his many, many endorsement deals.

This all comes from one of the most bizarre – but one of the best – sessions I’ve attended so far at SXSW. ‘Cat Cash – The economy of Internet…

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Jay Z And Kanye Scheduled To Perform At Samsung SXSW Concert Series

The Urban Daily


Just when you thought Jay Z and Kanye West were done making headlines for the next few weeks, the dynamic duo has singlehandedly shocked fans with announcing their next gig: Samsung’s SXSW Concert Series.


Two days before the big concert, “The Throne” was announced among the line-up for the SXSW Concert Series. However, if you thought there was no catch involved, you’ve clearly forgotten what these two music moguls are capable of.

According to Mashable:

Samsung plans to distribute concert wristbands only to owners of Galaxy devices with the newly launched ad-free radio service called Milk Music downloaded on their devices. They can pick up their wristbands at the Galaxy Experience pop-up location at 2nd Street and Trinity Street starting Tuesday at 10 a.m. CT. The concerts’ location won’t be announced until show day.

Leave it to Kanye and Jay to make us want to switch cell phones just…

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