Did you miss it again this year?

     Every year I would promise myself I was going to Austin Texas. The world renowned music and film festival South By Southwest was just in my backyard, how did I miss it again? Clips of celebrities popping into little bistros and random house parties would air for a few weeks. Usually never more then a snippet of acknowledgement to quench my curiosity would be regaled. I began to notice a pattern, an unspoken alliance shrouded in ambiguity and forged in the unity of attendees. No one gave away the secrets of SXSW. Why, wouldn’t constant coverage and paparazzis be the norm. like it is at other film festivals? In the spring of 2009 I was invited by GoGirlsMusic.com to attened their anuall unofficial free SXSW concert and event. There is an almost medieval since of classism and very clear lines drawn between the royals with badges and us the peasants with out. It seemed no matter which line I stood in for hours by nightfall they all read the same entry  mantra. BADGES AND BRACELETS ONLY they would read. What the hell was a bracelet? I knew the cheapest badge I could buy was around $700.00 smackers, and various signs with SOLD OUT stickers covering bracelet sales ranging from $100- $399.

Five years later, oh so much better looking and wise in the ways of South By Southwest these little mysteries have all unfolded to me. Now I understand the vibe of the festival. The comradery and the love shared. It is not kept secret for any nefarious reason, it is just that people are doing so much experiencing so much and so very into what’s going on that no one is recording anything. That and the fact that the battery dies no matter what platform you use to record, so after a few hours when your cell is dead and your camera memory is full  you might as well enjoy the show. 

This documentary is a labor of love created by those who where there and have great stories and advice to share with those who are coming in years ahead.

If you are interested in submitting your video, photos or story from SXSW please comment below. Leave your contact information so we can let you know if we are using it in the movie. You can also email it to us sxsxmovie@yahoo.com 

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