Gonzo Gigs & Pop-Up-Parties

Gonzo Gigging? What is that? We asked insider D.J. Maliceon to explain during a ‘pop up party’ Saturday night. She had this to say. “It is an industry term coined by Houston Underground Radio that means to show up at a random event, party, even parking lot and start to play for a welcoming audience audience. Like not in front of a retirement home or club, but a gathering of like minded fellows who would enjoy and benefit from your impromptu performance.” Now we know and will be looking forward to more of the pop-up trend we experienced here tonight. -Houston Reviews Alric Veradonsia

“No one was expecting a pop up party but this car pulled up and some guys with guitars got out and started playing. That guy over there joined in with his djembe and then that DJ girl joined in it was a total Gonzo Gig!”

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