New Releases: Cody Jasper

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Cody Jasper High Res promoby: Thomas D. Mooney

On Cody Jasper’s debut self-titled record, the former Wildbills singer-guitarist shows that he’s more than just a guitar slinger for hire. It’s more than just a rock and roll act. While he’s adept for guitar swagger, he’s also a capable and proficient singer-songwriter. Cody Jasper isn’t a hollow record bookended by a tough, gritty rock and roll surface. There’s substance on the inside as well. 

For just a nine track album, Jasper covers a lot of ground within the 37 minutes of play. He goes from Saturday night rockers such as “Cherry Pie” and “Evil Woman” to exhaling on Sunday morning reflections like “Holy Water” and “Mona Lisa.” That’s where the beauty of the record really shines through.

Everyone loves the exaggerated, larger than life rock persona of “Cherry Pie.” That’s how we want our rock stars. We romanticize the lifestyle of a womanizing wild man…

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