SXSW: Day 3 – Work, Work, Work

K-Squared Creative

For the third day of SXSW I found myself in more work/career-related sessions. Instead of focusing on the individual level, like the sessions I attended yesterday, today’s sessions tended to focus at the organization-level. I cam away with a lot of good ideas. The challenge will be finding a way to implement them in the organization. That can be a challenge when you’re one individual.

Session 1: Workhacking Away From Business As Usual

I’ll admit to not intending to go to this session. I really wanted to attend the session across the hall, but in true SXSW fashion it was full and I was too late to get in. So this was a backup, but it was good anyway. This was a conversation among attendees about how the culture of business is changing and needs to change. The presenters tended to default to generational differences, which was interesting. For example…

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