What’s a DEO? I have already a CEO, CIO, CFO,…

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At SxSW, Maria Giudice, CEO & Founder of a design agency and now DEO of Facebook talked about the “leaders of design” at a company and how a company can get more out of design.

A DEO, or Design Executive Officer, is a combination of a strategic business executive and a creative problem solver.

A DEO should be a catalyst for transformation and an agent of cultural change. With this perspective and those abilities, the DEO looks at business problems as on design problems, solvable through the right mix of imagination and metrics.

A DEO is a social driver, is creative, integrative and GTD »gets things done«

There are 5 important things to respect for each company, as Maria summarized:
1. Change your mindset about Design – from a financial element on the business plan to an essential part that makes the product.
2. Value »we« not »me« –…

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