NEWS: weekly recap – Aussies at SXSW, Bluesfest times, and tours

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SXSW draws awesome Aussie lineup
If American Forefather Thomas Jefferson could have envisioned a physical embodiment of his ‘life, liberty and pursuit of happiness’, then he would have created an annual cultural festival in Austin, Texas that celebrates music, film and interactive media. And called it an abbreviation-friendly name which would attract thousands from around the world.

This is only slight hyperbole – artists such as John Mayer and James Blunt were launched into record deals thanks to the exposure SXSW gives artists to broader industry. So it’s wonderful to see such a huge festival again host The Aussie BBQ – a showcase solely for Australian bands.

Artists such as The PreaturesThe Jungle GiantsGlass TowersGossling and Boy and Bear will perform on Saturday March 15 – proof that Australian music is still holding strong in the US. Better yet, SXSW gives gives our artists the…

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