People want to PICK what they like, not be TOLD what to like.

Grumpy cat at SXSW

We’ve been told by large media producers for most of our lives what entertainment is and what we’ll be able watch. But with the advent of the Internet, and sites like YouTube, we’re now making the content and ‘voting’ with our clicks. And cats are, well, huge.

This was the theory put forward – that people want to pick what they like – for why Grumpy Cat is a phenomenon (her book has been on the NY Times bestseller list for 10 weeks now), why a Cat Internet Video Festival has a large enough following to tour fifty countries with tens of thousands of people in attendance and why keyboard cat needs a ‘manager’ for his many, many endorsement deals.

This all comes from one of the most bizarre – but one of the best – sessions I’ve attended so far at SXSW. ‘Cat Cash – The economy of Internet…

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