Snowden at SXSW


By Christina Germano

Edward Snowden, the former CIA contractor turned whistleblower/traitor, appeared today via video call at the South by Southwest music, film, and technology conference. Snowden claimed that the American government’s method of surveillance is flawed. He stated, “We’ve actually had a tremendous intelligence failure because . . . we’re monitoring everybody’s communications instead of suspects’ communications”, which in turn has caused the NSA to miss clues about terrorist attacks such as the Boston bombing last year.

Opinions on Snowden vary greatly among the intelligence community. Christopher Soghoian of the American Civil Liberties Union said, “Let me be clear about one thing… His disclosures have improved internet security”. But on the other hand, Gen. Kenneth B. Alexander of the NSA said, “The true tragedy in all of this is the way the press has articulated them [NSA] as the villains, when what they’re doing is protecting this country and doing what we have…

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