SXSW: Day 4 – Sheriffs, Senators, and Spartans – Oh My!

K-Squared Creative

Day four of SXSW 2014 had me all over the map in terms of topics and locations. It sure kept things interesting!

Session 1 – If Content Is King, Then Who Is The Sheriff?

This session was immensely helpful! The panel discussed the rights and responsibilities of readers and journalists to fact-check in an era of citizen journalism. There were many, many tips and tools shared. My favorites were using Photoshop to check photo metadata for accuracy and/or the tool Tin Eye to determine if a photo has been tampered with and who may own the original copyright. We’ve all seen the photos on Facebook that purport to show some newsworthy event that are later proven to be a lie. These practices can help us eliminate these deceptions.

Ironically, as I was writing this blog post an “article” was brought to my attention via Facebook. The article showed a photo…

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