What Would You Wear If…You Attended SXSW?

What Would You Wear If...


What Would You Wear If: sxsw 2014

If Coolio were as Coolio in 2014 as he was in 1995, the lyrics would have been, “We keep spending most our lives livin’ in a hipster’s paradise.” The hipster nation is as gangster as it gets, and SXSW provides a mecca for these hip youths to come together for the love of film and music.

If I were to attend this holy grail of under the radar coolness, I would have to look effortlessly cool. I mean, Mindy Kaling was there, I need to be on point. I want to be comfortable. I want this Saloni Iris maxi dress. The colors and cut are perfect for Texas in the spring. Sweat be damned! But let’s amp this up. Let’s get this sh*t cray! Ballet flats? Boring. Heels? Lacking in walkability. Epic to the knee Stuart Weitzman gladiator sandals? Please, and thank you. You’ll be able to see…

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